Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I went to Port Aransas today

I had some drops to take care of, and I had to make a small detour at the McDermott Yard (also known as Kellogg-Brown and Root) to take these two videos.

At one time- when I lived there ten years ago, this yard was busy building off shore platforms.
They were employing hundreds to make floating and bottom seated oil rigs.

Thanks Barry!

Oh, it's for sale if you want a deserted oil platform manufacturary.


  1. Seems like everything's for sale these days.

  2. When I was in Port A this thing was running 24/7/365.
    If you google map the Port Aransas ferry landing and scan to the north shore, you can still see the welding debris from the hundreds of specialty rigs they made,

  3. That's sad. Reminds me of the Texas economy back in the oil bust days of the early '80s. I remember driving home from Lackland AFB to Cleveland, TX, on the weekends, through all those little towns like Giddings, Columbus, and Bastrop, and seeing all the abandoned oilfield supply and service company buildings.

    Texas should secede and drill like gangbusters.