Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It occurred to me today

While I was working up a case of heat exhaustion and looking at the hundreds of ugly white wind turbines between Portland and Taft- that the "green energy" idea isn't about protecting the environment.

It's about controlling peoples lives and making sure they know it.
Just like those acres of solar power that don't work in the dark.

Those hundreds of fugly wind turbines that you can't get away from because the TX coastal planes are almost billiard table flat wouldn't make as much power as one nuke plant.
A nuke plant is green energy literally and figuratively, and it doesn't take square miles to produce energy only when the wind is blowing...BUT it's in a compact area that doesn't infringe on anyone's enjoyment of their surroundings.

The wave generators you only hear about in Science Illustrated make more, steady power than wind farms- but you can't see or hear them, so Libs don't like them because they're not in your face.


  1. I've thought for quite a while now that most of the greenies are just dupes, and the real power is in two groups - the one world government types (Agenda 21), and a bunch of opportunistic hangers-on like Algore and T. Boone Pickens, who stand to make trillions if they can get the gov't. to force adoption of wind, solar and cap 'n trade laws.

    Algore might have a foot in the Agenda 21 camp - he probably thinks he will be one of the ruling elite after they take over, but I think he may be in for a rude surprise, like a lot of Russian revolutionaries got after their revolution succeeded...

  2. The surf turbine idea is doomed until the Farm Bureau figures out a way to get a big cut of the subsidies. (Our horizons, too, are hideous with those windmills.)