Friday, July 29, 2011

You rich Liberals really need to step out and help a buddy

Some really, really rich Liberals who have 'too much money' really need to reach for their checkbooks and help their buddy Barack out be patriotic by sending in their excessive profits back to the .GOV to help this economy and make Barry look presidential.

You know- like Steve Jobs, who's company has more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury.- And owns private jets.
Or Bill Gates, ditto.

Then we have the G.E. exec Jeffrey Immelt who's company paid no taxes this last year and has way too much excess profit- and is sending it's jobs to China so as to make even more obscene profits...AND his private jets.

Come on you rich Liberals, give till it hurts- 0bama says you can afford it if you get rid of your private jets, because that's over the top right there.


  1. What a sterling deal! I'm sure they'll give.......

  2. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. The Big O wasn't talking about THOSE rich people! They're different!