Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More 'sharing the pain'

How is this for an idea?
Libs are always wanting to roll back the CO2 limits to some time in the past where it "didn't hurt Gaia so much"- or some Barbara Streisand...for the children!!!!

Ok, how about the Republicans announce that they'll roll back .GOV spending to 2008 levels.....for the children!!!!

Right? Hey, you don't want to roll back spending? You child h8-r!


  1. I'm sick to death hearing about the environment and everything else the Left-Of-Lenin liberals spout about.

  2. It only works when the right people do it, Kurt.

    And some of the dems actually want to pass laws against CO2. You really think many repubs really want to roll back .gov?

  3. No Joel, I was just putting the boot on the other foot.

    We all know there is really no difference between the two parties- they're both out of touch busy-bodies with a power complex.