Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everyone's given thought to a bug-out bag

Even if they haven't done anything about it.
Lots of people are talking about TEOEWAWKIT and how they'll prepare.

Part of my survival bartering plan is in the previous post, because booze is always a wanted commodity.

Something else that not mentioned a whole lot, and probably not even thought about is communications when the network goes out.
Some people are prepared to supply communication with the outside world using retro-technology.
Others can probably make it work with their experiences.
Still others are practicing living off the grid now.

What I haven't seen mentioned in real life is what we'll do when Holder shuts his internet switch to prevent organized opposition when the presidency transforms to the dictatorship we're being groomed for.
Brock has a link to a post that tells how we can try being prepared when big brother decides it's time we assimilate.

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