Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hi! Did ya miss me?

I got home to a malfunctioning modem and almost dead cell phone battery.
By the time I got enough charge to call the cable co, it was almost quitting time, so we couldn't do much Fri. night.
Monday, I'll be having them change the MAC address to my other modem and seeing if they can get a tech to check all the connections.

Now I get to catch up on all the patty bureaucrats who want to continue controlling our lives.
Like Julie Bass, the front yard gardener and her fight against the petty tyrants of Oak Park- who now want to go after her unlicensed-dogs-that-are-really-licensed.
Because of the news volume they went through on their first bad publicity stunt.
Now they laid off that front yard garden problem because of the media heat, so they can go after the dogs-that are-licensed, but not really- or some how she has to pay for the cities incompetence and overbearing state-ism.

And then we have another example of cops with nothing better to do than to harass three (white) teens for trying to stay out of trouble by circumventing the onerous
Bureaucracies of the city's financial betterment by operating a lemonade stand without getting probably over a hundred Dollars worth of approvals.

(Sorry about the annoying voice- you may want to skip the first five or so seconds)

Now, don't you feel so much better about the .GOV being in your bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator and the dogs DNA?

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