Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is why we had to bail out GM

And this same mindset is why we'll never see any of it back.

General Motors is looking ahead to how city dwellers will need to get around in the next couple of decades as cars in large cities become increasingly impractical

Because the duffer-in-chief made gas cost $8/gal?

Seriously-this is forward thinking to you people?
The Jiao travels up to 25 mph and is supposed to be uncrashable due to an onboard collision avoidance system. GM says they'll run about $10k apiece.
25 Miles Per Hour?
What city are you planning on selling that in?
Every city I drive in probably doesn't HAVE speed limits that slow- except in school zones.


  1. But, but, but... it doesn't even have enough luggage space to store your man purse as you sloooowly drive through the wind turbin farms to your job cooking gruel for the proles.

  2. Looks like an impractical toy to me; but that might appeal to people in New York City or Los Angeles. In the western states that little thing would be useless.