Sunday, July 03, 2011

There's nothing new out there, is there?

The Duffer in charge is taking another vacation, but want's Congress to work through.

Casey Anthony will probably get off somehow.

They surprisingly found 12 people in Illinois that weren't on the take and Blago was found guilty of 17 out of 20 counts.

Baby Huey is in Cuba dying from the best free health care in the world.

The Democrat in charge of Minnesota caused a .GOV shutdown and is trying to blame the Republicans.

Congressional Dems who couldn't be bothered with a budget for two years are now complaining about not having a seat in debt reductions- I hope the Republicans are smart enough to make that point loud and clear.

Oh- look! The greedy Basketball players union is going on strike because those millionaires playing a kids game aren't making enough money.

Captain KickAzz still has his illegal KMA going on in Libya....and Somalia. (What'll they call that? They already have WTF and KMA locked up..."Light Operational Linkages?-LOL...)

But we're still here. We'll prove that one man or small group can't run the American ship into a reef if the sailors handling the sails keep him away from them.

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