Friday, July 08, 2011

On the highway tonight

on the way home from a loong week.

Why- when you're traveling a good 30+ over the speed limit do you see two cars abreast and not even think about slowing down until you're on top if them?

Do you actually think you're so important that they'll dive out of your way?

AND what's this chit bout cruising 5-10 faster than everyone else and you keep hopping into the granny lane until you need to pass someone? Dude, you're already breaking the law, stay in the hammer lane and quit bothering us who are only going 75.


  1. Why oh why do people match speed in adjacent lanes? It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Seriously, get out of the passing lane. Heck, that could have been me bothering you on the highway since I don't use the passing lane unless I'm passing. And yes, even though I might be speeding, I get back in the right lane until I need to pass the next person. That way, I don't have to worry about the guy doing 20 over that wants to pass me because I've left the passing lane clear.

  2. Here in Texas the left lane is for passing only, and driving in it continuously for a while can merit a ticket - above and beyond the speeding fine.

    Another peeve is the guy who is tailgating in the right lane, who moves left to pass at +1 mph just as you, going +20 mph, approach his bumper in the left lane.

  3. Mikee-I live in Texas and I make it a habit of traveling in the left lane unless someone is going faster than I am.
    I do it because I'm usually going faster than those in the granny lane- plus it's usually smoother.

    Jen- what I'm peeved about is that they get right on your bumper-pass and try to take off your front bumper...catch up to the car 100 ft ahead and repeat.