Monday, October 11, 2010

Where's Muhammad?

This was supposed to run in several Sunday papers,
But was pulled.

Want to know why it was pulled?
It was pulled by the same people who brought down Richard Nixon and doesn't have any second thoughts of attacking the Judeo-Christian ideas of the majority of Americans.

Because it was a cartoon and it mentioned Big Mo.
It doesn't even have him in the cartoon.
It's because of Theo Van Gogh and lately Molly Norris of the hateful "Everybody draw Mohammad day"- who is now hiding for her life from a religion of hate.

It wasn't pulled because of what was or was not drawn, it was pulled because of what the editors thought might happen.

The might editors decided that their superior education and thought processes were better than our average citizen and because they couldn't instantly understand the plot, that we- the great unwashed couldn't either.

I got it right away. But then I have not been brainwashed by the PC polizi 24/7 so as to take offence at anything not politically motivated.

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