Sunday, October 17, 2010

When I was in High School

And in the Navy, the Cowboys were a class act.

Then Jerry Jones bought it.

Today, I laugh when they loose for stupid crap like this. Even though I can't remember when I last watched an entire football game.
I know it was one of the Superbowl games back in the late '90s because it was at the VFW in Port A. and I had money in a pool. Otherwize, the Cowboys and their parole officers did nothing for me, nor did the renamed Houston Oilers (There was a Cub Scout troop in the Astrodome....). The Packers folded every time I tried watching...

Now I'm hearing rumbles of a strike..
Like the one that made MLB so popular when they canceled the playoffs? The playoffs that were so dear to America that they played through out WWII. but went under for organized labor.

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