Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How ,,, unsurprising

That the default vote goes to Harry Reid in the Nevada elections.
It's not like Axelrod didn't already tell that they were going to steal this election.

Just a quick look at the Handbook of Texas brings us plenty of examples of Democrats and their offshoots trying to steal elections. --All bolding is mine.

We have, at a glance:
  • LOTT, TEXAS- Its population was predominantly black Republicans.(My how times change) The community was one of the sites of voting disorders in November 1886 investigated by the United States Congress in 1888. Lott's ballot box was stolen by the Ku Klux Klan, which supported a Populist-Democratic coalition, to prevent Republican control of county government.
  • GRABALL, TEXAS-In the 1880s black residents, who made up 80 percent of the population, were Republicans. In 1886 the local electoral board included two black officials. That year the Ku Klux Klan destroyed the community's ballot box. Electoral violence at Graball was later the subject of a congressional investigation.
  • HIDALGO COUNTY-..middle-class business owners in the Rio Grande valley to organize against boss rule. Anderson Y. Baker, who had been supported by James B. Wellsqv's Democratic machine, became Hidalgo county treasurer in 1907 and sheriff in 1912.
    ...In November 1928 they expected a crooked election and purportedly sent 2,000 telegrams to President Calvin Coolidge petitioning for a fair one. After the election was held, the Republicans charged that pro-Baker officials had thrown out the entire Weslaco ballot box. Bakerites claimed that since the returns were not sealed in accordance with the law, the ballots had to be thrown out.
    ...When a Brownsville grand jury took up the legal case, no indictments were made.
    ...Baker was "actively engaged in canvassing Mexican voting precincts for support of the `reorganized democrats.'"
    ...However, both Mexican Americans and Mexicans voted, and a sector of the Mexican-American electorate was independent. Political pressure, personal favors, and monetary or financial gain motivated these voters, as it did others.
  • WESLACO, TEXAS- In the 1928 county election the Weslaco ballot box was rejected by Judge A. W. Cameron, an incumbent official whose victory was in question. Cameron(a DEMOCRAT), who evidently believed that he would have won the Hispanic vote of Weslaco, testified that Mexican-American voters had been intimidated by a crowd yelling "Don't let those Mexicans in to vote. Throw them out."
(Jesse Jackson Jr.-Jrs phones didn't pick up any evidence then, either.)
  • HARRISON COUNTY (think Houston)-White citizens bitterly resented federal authority, especially when it meant enfranchisement of the black majority and a Republican party county government that continued even after the Democratic party regained control statewide in 1874. African Americans found that freedom did not bring significant economic or educational opportunities. Harrison County was "redeemed"—returned to white Democratic rule—in 1878 when residents formed the Citizen's Party of Harrison County and appealed to voters with the argument that Republican government was too expensive. Amidst charges of fraud and coercion, Citizen's party candidates won the election on a technicality involving the placement of a key ballot box and took firm control of local government. The county has remained politically conservative since Reconstruction. Until 1900 its black voters returned Republican majorities in national elections, but the Citizen's party controlled county offices. Once black voters were disfranchised, the county voted solidly Democratic in all elections until 1948.
  • ALICE, TEXAS- Alice made national headlines during the 1948 primary election for state senator. Lyndon Baines Johnson and Governor Coke Stevensonqqv both ran for the Democratic party nomination. It was alleged that Johnson won the primary because he had stolen the election with the help of George B. Parrqv, political boss, who controlled both Duval and Jim Wells counties. Alice became the focal point of a federal investigation when it was alleged that Alice's Precinct 13 ballot box had been stuffed.
Want more? there's plenty here.

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