Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seriously now

Are you actually telling me that Alvin Greene- the stealth Democrat who came out of nowhere is an Air Force vet?

Because when I was shopping around for the best deal as a recruit. all the AF recruiter could come up with was that in boot camp- EVERYBODY HAD APARTMENTS!" and that nasty Army and Navy had open bay barracks---and we don't even want to talk about what the Marines do to their recruits....if-you-know-what-I-mean...

But anyway... everyone knows that the AF has the reputation for having the smartest people in their ranks that probably would equal a highly rated college campus anywhere they had a permanent base.

I went to school at Sheppard AF base and was quartered in what Naval officers (of a low rank) would be used to, and they apologised that the E-5 quarters were undergoing renovation and that I was in a two man room that made a hotel look bad...



oh, where was I?

Ah. yes Mr. Green.


  1. My Dad was in the Air force during Korea. When he got his draft notice, my uncles, who had served in the Marines in WW2, and one of them had been recalled for Korea, and was home on injured leave after being shot 3 times, said "hell no". They marched him down to the Air force recruiters and signed up. He protested, but they told him that zoomies got hot chow everyday and a warm bed. And this was the most important thing ever. Well, he became a electronic tech on the B-36, and Okinawa was the closest he got to Korea.

    The closest I came to this was when I was in SOI, wrapped in a poncho in a foxhole filling with freezing water. I wondered why the hell I didn't go into the Air Force.

    But I got over it.... :)