Friday, October 15, 2010

Not where I'm shopping

See, I'm reading this BBC article about how "something" needs to be done to tweek the dollar.

Ben Bernanke is telling his audience that inflation isn't happening.

He also raised concern that the inflation rate was falling below what he considered consistent with the Fed's mandate.

He said some measures suggested the underlying inflation rate - which ignores short-term price volatility - may have fallen as low as 0.5% in recent months.

Most analysts believe the Fed targets a rate of 2%

Well Ben- the father of TARP-
you obviously aren't the one buying gas and groceries on the state max unemployment payout of $406 a week (before taxes).

And the brain that gave the WON the idea for all his stimulus plans wants to do some "quantitative easing", whatever that is.

From the gist of the paragraph, it sounds like he wants to spend even more money we don't have to buy our own worthless bonds.
Kind of like me using my U.E. money to pay down my credit cards so I can charge more on them.

But, then again, maybe it's the right time to get Karen's retirement money from England to use as down payment on a house in the coastal bend where they're still hiring.
The way Bernanke is pushing inflation, it looks like we'd get more bang for the.....British Euro,,,or something.

I just hope I can sell the house before all those foreclosures come back on line and flood the market.

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