Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We have a moratorium on drilling in the gulf

brought by an anti-oil Liberal who was looking for an excuse,,,and BP gave it to him.
They want to stop drilling and producing in Alaska- because there MAY possibly be some kind of ecological harm if something happens.
We can't drill for cheap easily obtainable oil anywhere near any Federal lands, and to make it doubly hard- Clinton made them protected Federal lands.

BUT the Obama administration is going to virtually give up over 6,000 acres to a solar company to make use of Federal (your taxes)incentives to produce solar power.

The announcement is the government's final blessing to Tessera Solar's plans to build a 709-megawatt solar system on 6,140 acres of federal land in Imperial County.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the Imperial Valley project would be "one of the largest solar energy projects in the entire world."

Also approved: Chevron Energy Systems' plan for a 45-megawatt photo-voltaic project on 422 acres of public lands in San Bernadino County.

Both projects are set to break ground later this year - in time to take advantage of solar power incentives that were enacted as part of last year's stimulus bill - and are slated to be completed by late 2011.

So this environmentally extremist klan is going to let BIG SOLAR (and Cheveron) tear up and disrupt the ecology of the fragile California desert for ENERGY?????
What about the innocent and endangered,,,,ummmm,,,,desert horny cactus rat?
It's so endangered that no one has ever seen one, and they're going to deny life giving sunlight to the struggling plants.

Can you imagine how many hoops a private industry that, say wanted to put a nuke plant out there would be having to go through?

I mean aren't those thousands of stationary wind turbines on the way into California ugly enough?

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  1. Hey, yeah! Think about the Horny Rats, Salazar! Won't you do it for the Horny Rats?