Thursday, October 28, 2010

Following bread crumbs

After we heard about the SEIU pieing the vote for Harry Reid (D-Nev)- we get the Nevada SecState telling how above board the machines are.
And how hard it would be for the SEIU to slip a line or two of programming in at the end while they're prepping them for the vote.

I'm not an IT guy, but I don't see how hard it would be to ad something like

Or whatever the code is to change the fourth vote for Angle to Reid after it's approved on the screen.

BUT the SecState, Ross Miller is saying there is no problems with the machines, and he's never officially been told there were.
-AND that since there is no central computer, they CAN'T reprogram the electronic ballots!

I did a quick search on Ross and found out that dad was the Democrat Governor of Nevada.
Our buddy Ross was also the Deputy DA of Clark Co.

He's partially responsible for the mindset of law enforcement of the Clark Co. police? Where has Clark Co. been in the news lately?

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