Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you really want to go there, Bill?

It seems Ol' Slick Willey was up in MinniSOta over the week-end stumping for the Dem. Senatorial wannabe, Tarryl Clark, in which his grasp of the truth- as always was on the wrong rope.

In a refreshing change from the tired ditch-and-slurpee refrain, our ever emphatic ex-president reminded us:

Clinton largely focused the Democrats’ record in Congress and argued the party is making progress fixing the economy but needs more time. “I’d like to see [Republicans] get behind a locomotive going 200 miles an hour straight downhill and stop it in 10 seconds. You can’t do that.”

Now, I wonder, was that train analogy in his prepared speech? Or did the Philanderer in Chief see Tarryl, and just think of ,,,,,nope- not going there.

Like I asked if you really wanted to go there, because it took me a whole five seconds to think of this song. Who's been driving that train for the last four years, Bill?

The article ends without disclosing if Prez Fratboy tried to show Tarryl his oil can.

But, riding that Democrat train crew meme:

Even the Brits are noticing...

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