Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I realize that this idea is unrealistically simplistic

Anyone with an IQ above a chicken knows the chit is going to hit the fan November 3rd when the Dems loose their unbreakable majority come January.

What I see happening is that there will be everything in their Socialistic wet dream voted on, passed and signed into law in their last temper tantrum against the American people.

The Man child in the White House do everything he can to end-around congress (that's an American football term, Barry)and do whatever ha can to finish bringing America to her knees via Presidential Edicts, his unelected and unanswerable Czars and activist Judiciary will be going after every part of American life that they can commandeer.

Congress probably won't have the votes to veto anything He tries.
The only thing- realistically is to not fund his new mandates, Cabinet appointees, nationalisation programs and make their own financial agenda.

Let him Veto the Republican efforts to restore financial order and then pay for it in 2012.

But that won't happen.
Neither will impeachment.
He won't be impeached because he's black.

None of the other financial restraints will be put up because there are still too many of the old elite congress critters who want to be liked by the MSM, and don't like those upstart Tea Baggers.

So The Prick is going to have free reign for the next two years.

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