Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The horns spikes of a dilemma

Well, actually it's not even spikes- or buttons of a dilemma.

It's more of a padded air cushioned seat of a dilemma- with A/C and radio.

When I renewed my CDL, I dropped the HAZMAT endorsement because 1) I didn't need it where I was then working - 2) I was planning on staying there for a long time and 3) I didn't want to go through all the Barbra Streisand that the TSA wanted to put me through.

Now- if I have my X (HAZMAT and tanker) endorsement- then I can chase after a wider variety of jobs.
I passed my HAZMAT test and paid the $11 dollars and verified myself, the wife and the three dogs with 8"x11" glossies with a paragraph description on the back.

I was handed my temp and another handful of papers to use when my permanent license arrived. That paperwork is to get my fingerprints to DeeCee and the EffBeEye to make sure I'm not a threat to the public. Then they'll send an Ok to the DPS in Lytle , so I can actually USE my X endorsement.

The problem is- is that it'll cost almost $100 for that pleasure, that I may need in the near future.
So- do I spend the money on a less than 50/50 chance of a job, of huddle in the bunker and wait for a City job at $10/hr with full (free) bennies?


  1. How long's the endorsement last? Would it be a good "investment?"

  2. As long as my DL, another 5 years till renewal.
    If I can get a good job, probably. The thing is- that everybody is coming to Texas because we're still hiring, and I heard there's an average of 200- 250 apps for each job.