Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey kids!!! Who remembers this?

"Domestic reserves were low (about 52 billion barrels, a 10-year supply); the United States was importing about 27 percent of the crude petroleum it needed every year; and gasoline prices were rising."

Yep, 37 years ago today, the Religion of Peace threw an oil embargo on their best buddy, which resulted in gas shortages, price spikes and a depression that lasted forever.

It also ushered in the Dept of Energy to ensure we would NEVER again be dependant on foreign oil.
Today it's being used to stop drilling and to force us to use Unicorn farts and Leprechaun p1ss for our energy needs, not to mention mandating unreasonable CAFE standards.


  1. Unicorn farts????? WTF? HA! Silly man, you know that hasn't been made public yet as an alternative. Although here in Cali they are working on it.

  2. But I thought it was what was supposed to be powering those wind turbines that are feathered because they killed birds?????????