Sunday, May 02, 2010

So I'm redoing the router table

I'm adding a Dirt Devil(tm) Extraction system because I got tired of sweeping shavings out of all the hidden nooks and crannies that make up the power tool garage.

I'm making drawers to go under the table to hold paint and power tools.
Anyway, I've got the table saw running, and fine tuning the fence for the last of my finger joints when out of the blue I hear "I'm going to Hondo now. Do you need anything?"

"Jesaz Krist, you scared the crap out of me."
Pointing at the blade "Do you know what that is"

"...Ummm wood?"

"No, it's a table saw blade that's made to go through wood like butter, what do you think it would do to fingers?"

That's the second time she's done that this week- I'm going to have to make a sign saying 'WAIT until I notice you!'

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