Friday, May 28, 2010

So,,,,When did the Won leave DeeCee?

He what, gave his press conference and then dashed off to Mordor for a night?

Then Mr. Conservation took off for a three hour photo op to the Gulf- and then BACK to Chi-town?

I may be mistaken, but that's what it looks like form his His official itinerary.

it's kind of odd, don't you think that if you try looking for "Bill Clinton" D-Day beach cross- that somewhere in the 25 pages I saw, I might find that bogus pic of him looking like obam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NO! Google CAN'T be manipulating what they're putting out on searches...they're LIBERALS! Only conservatives censor what the public gets.

I just need to pinpoint my image search of Bill Clinton making a cross of rocks on Normandy beach a little more narrow.

I'm sure Google wants us to compare Barry and Bill on the beach.

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