Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am surprised

Given the way both houses of Congress love to make special commemorative days- and given the high majority of Liberal Democrats infesting DeeCee, that we didn't get any MSM wall to wall retrospective of this day in history.

So, in remembrance of all the fellow travelers who didn't make it out of the (almost) riot at Kent State to be with their fellow Socialists who became 'The Man'...

Because those flower children would *never* think of causing anything but a peaceful demonstration....with daisies in rifle muzzles and all.

The report continued that the cadet "stated that the first three rounds were definitely not M-1s. He said they could possibly have been a .45 caliber. … [He] further stated that he heard confirmed reports of sniper fire coming in over both the National Guard radio and the state police radio."

The cadet also told the FBI he observed demonstrators carrying baseball bats, golf clubs and improvised weapons, including pieces of steel wire cut into footlong sections, along with radios and other electronic devices "used to monitor the police and Guard wavelengths."

Separately, a female student told the FBI she "recalled hearing what she thought was [the sound of] firecrackers and then a few seconds later [she] heard noise that to her sounded like a machine gun going off, but then later thought it may have been a volley of shots from the Guard."

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