Monday, May 24, 2010

Poor Sarah

She made an offer for access to her Ex-husband, Prince Andrew for about $750,000.
It's not illegal, or maybe even unheard of for access to be gained that way in those hoity-toidy societies.
But she got caught, and there are many unhappy royals involved.

Part of the fallout may be that she and her princesses may loose their home.

As an American who has British blood in my house now, I feel a bit of kindness to the troubled Fergie.
So as a small attempt to make up for the snubs The Won keeps throwing out- I gallantly offer Sarah, Duchess of York a place to stay in America.

Of course, since the house would be on the full side, she'd ummm....need to stay in my bedroom.


  1. I think the reason both Sarah and the late Diana parted company with their respective royal spouses is obvious...they're too good looking to be part of British royalty!

  2. And what does the Princess already in residence say about this kindness of yours?

  3. I hit it, multiple times.

  4. Walrilla- She doesn't know yet.

    Don't tell her, we'll let it be a surprise!