Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let me get this right

The Won's administration doesn't want to call out any specific religion on terrorism charges.
BUT they have no problem calling out people who have strong conservative and non-muslim religious views.

One of the reasons given for their ....um....thoughtfulness in regards to the islamoterrorists is the fact that they don't want us bringing the pitchforks, torches and ropes out because (yawn)'most Muslims aren't terrorists."

Since 9-11 how many anti-mooslimb riots have we had and how many have been lynched because of our bigotry?

How many innocent (by our standards) have the 'Religion of Peace' killed outright or in their riots over cartoons and a fake-but-accurate Koran flushing?

You Libs really need to go p!ss up a rope next time some terrorists tries to blow innocent people up and you hope its a Teabagger who does it.

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