Saturday, May 22, 2010

I guess we know Obamas new black shirts

The Washington D.C. police Department.

Nothing like an official nod to his purple shirted union thugs to make it ok to invade private property and terrorize a 14 year old, is there?

In case you missed it, the SEIU (Obamas go-to enforcers) decided to AstroTurf an anti banking rally on the Bank of Americas CEO front porch, with the D.C. police as protect them from any of those clinging Teabaggers.

It's that freedom of expression, you know.

In case you're wondering what a bank CEO's front porch looks like, the SEIU (embedding surprisingly disabled) made a propaganda video for you.

AND, you know that if the teen had a defensive weapon, the D.C. Black shirts would have no problem entering a private residence with no warrant to arrest the scared child.

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