Monday, May 03, 2010

So, tell me if I'm wrong here

I've been hearing about the finger pointing on this oil spill being allowed to hit the gulf shore.

I'm torn. We all know that this administration is run by people who think the bigger and more intrusive the government is- the better.
AND there were plans drawn up during the Clinton administration on how to deal with something like this massive leak. It included FEMA, the Coast Guard and other appropriate entities being on scene and taking the appropriate measures to corral the leak as soon as possible. Before it got out of hand.
They also had a plan to burn or syphon that captive oil before it could get out of hand.

With that in mind. It took this administration over a week to get off their collective @sses.

One one hand we can look at the usual claims of complete clueless ineptness -as were used to getting whenever a Dem steps on his d!ck.
--You know, "My patsy over at the EPA didn't tell me we had a plan to step in and rescue the entire gulf coast.

On the other, we have the *Most ethical and honest administration EVAR* sitting on their hands and waiting until it's too late to do anything positive before springing into they can point to the mess and massively expensive clean-up the next time we want to drill our own oil and say "But,,,looook at what happened last time....."

OR both. I wouldn't put either past this ideologue.

So what does that make me? An Oiler

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  1. We need Kanye West hear to tell us "President Obama hates gulf people".