Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Watch for cyclists"

"Bicyclists are everywhere".

"I brake for cyclists".

I was reminded of those bumper stickers plastered all over an SUV who was riding my tailgate, cutting people off and then turned left from the right lane in Castroville yesterday.

I was surprised that this guy actually stopped at the stop sign until I saw that he HAD to stop because of the cross traffic.
If you're a responsible cyclist who obeys the rules and has consideration for drivers, fine here's a patch for you:

The rest of you, stop for stop signs and get on the shoulder where you belong!


  1. We have bike laned here in urban and suburban Georgia. While many cyclist don't use the mall of the time. I do watch out for them, it makes good defensive driver sense.

    And like in many parts of the coumtry, bikes and cars must obey the same traffic laws. I stop for them and they are suppose to stop for me at a four-way.

  2. Yeah,they're SUPPOSED TO obey traffic laws but usually don't.
    Including riding in clusters in the driving lanes.