Sunday, May 30, 2010

Steam punk and you

After clicking a link over at Robertas place, I got a little sucked into some side links.

Which got me thinking... our boy leader is trying to make fuel cost $8/gal by the time he's done in 2012, how can I get around that?


Steam would work, because once I get to speed, it's 95% highway driving at 65-80 MPH- If I could get a quick, efficient plant it could work when the engine goes in one of the trucks. BUT- I don't want to wait while the steam builds, how can I do it fast and with enough go to make it work?
Guess I need to start googling...........Daym, that's alot of information overload at one time.

What else?
Deisel-electric hybreds! Subs use them, trains use them- ships use them!
I wonder how efficient they are?
A 3-5 fold increase in mileage over my V-6 as a start.
I just wonder how small of an A/C motor I could get away with if I used a CVT drive
connected to the input drive of my original auto tranny?

Well, that's something to think about while I do a brake and bearing job on the truck-that-cost-$2500-for-a-tuneup-and-timing-belt because it's a Mitzu.


  1. Diesel tractor engine in your truck.
    Plenty of times it's been done already.

  2. Don't think it would fit- it's an S-10, besides the torque range is completely different.


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