Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First impressions

I've made no secret that the estrogen contingent of Casa Trainwreck are immigrants.

One of the first commercials Karen saw when she settled in was for Quiznos.
It wasn't this one, but it had the same ....actors.

To this day she won't even think of buying a sub there because of the dessicated rats.

I'm now watching a show called "Justified".
I like it. It's set in Kentucky about a US Marshall (??) who shoots a bad guy in Miami and is punished by getting sent back to his home town in Harlen county, KY.

I liked it at first, and as i grew on me- I've been noticing the subtle (and not so subtle) inbred hillbilly Liberal attitude to us in flyover country.
You know, the oversexed blonde's, violence as a second option and the southern criminal masquerading as a religious leader.

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