Monday, May 31, 2010

Watching the Clint Eastwood marathon

And 'Heartbreak ridge' -the Hollywood version of the Granada invasion.

A couple things I noticed in this scripted version of events from my (jeez, that long?) 20 years of post Sea Bee civilian life.

I always admired how the Marines could fold their sleeves up on their old cammi BDUs so it looked like they were factory made. Today's Marines don't look any different than Air Force slobs.

I also didn't hear all this modern B.S. OORAH crap every time someone moves. Americas First Sgt. has more to say on the subject.

Something familiar to the early 80's battalion life was the lax way military readiness was shown in that movie- from my Sea Bee point of view, where our construction jobs held first priority over our military readiness jobs.

Sorry Gunny Mulligan.

Today, my Sea Bees are just as involved in combat as my foreBEErs were in WWII, Korea and 'Nam.

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