Friday, May 28, 2010

Yeah, Barry....rigght

“The fact that oil companies now have to go a mile under water and then drill another three miles below that in order to hit oil tells us something about the direction of the oil industry. Extraction is more expensive and it is going to be inherently more risky. And so that’s part of the reason you never heard me say, ‘Drill, baby, drill!’”

That's true, you never said that- because you don't want us to use our own oil.

What you ---and the rest of your Lefty Greenbats don't realize is that it's your policies that caused this spill anyway.

See Barry, I'll type this s-l-o-w-l-y- so maybe you might understand this.

If you or any Dems in DeeCee actually decide you want to read anything you're commenting on...or voting on -even.

It's your anti-oil policies that stopped the oil companies from drilling on land.

THEN you and your greenies forced those oil companies farther offshore into ever deeper water.

Yeah it sucks that they had a blowout and all the preventative measures failed- that's life. Shite happens in life that can't be controlled by your SEIU union thugs.

It was worse than the EXXON VALDEZ, but not as bad as the blowout from the PEMEX Itoc(that's a Mexican .gov oil company) that was blowing crude into the Gulf for nine months about 30 years ago.

BUT- ya know- if that had happened on dry land---- where you and the other envirowackos have decided it's 'too dangerous' to drill, it would have been closed less than a week later, rather than have to try closing it a mile straight down.

...because that's where you forced the oil companies to go.

HEY! Nice idea to protect the Gulf, though- stopping ALL American drilling.
Too bad it doesn't apply to all the rest of the countries drilling in the gulf. What are you going to do when one of those countries blows out a well and it infringes on American waters?

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