Friday, April 30, 2010

"Your papers! Please!"

I keep hearing those lies about Arizona's immigration reform measure.

I hear there are going to be a hyped number of rallies with a hyped number of participants protesting the law that mirrors the official one voted on by their teleprompter Jesus.

Anyway, if I was asked 'for my papers' I'd show them this:

And the trucks insurance card.

Karen- being a legal resident alien would need the above and....

Which she's required BY. FEDERAL. LAW. to carry whenever she's out in public, and to show the appropriate authorities when requested.

And you Union thugs In the National League who are threatening an AZ Diamondback boycott?
I haven't watched a Major League Baseball game since you cancelled the World Series...the FIRST time. Go f*cking piss up a rope.

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  1. It's so ridiculous. I really don't get how the Left compares this to Nazis, but it doesn't surprise me. Nothing these days do.