Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sitemeter problems?

Is Sitemeter having problems of some kind, or am I banned on Google for not adoring our Teleprompter Messiah enough?



  1. Nah, because my sitemeter works fine and I have a tendency to mutter/shout subtle things like "fuck Obama in the ear with a baboon's dick!" at random intervals. I'm sure our Nanny State overlords must have noticed that, given the rampant monitoring, and yet my sitemeter, as I said, works fine.
    Oh, and fuck Mrs. Obama with a camel's cock in her unmatched eyes, while I'm mentioning such things.

  2. According to my Sitemeter, I have exactly 0 hits, which means people must be commenting without visiting.

  3. Teleprompter Messiah sounds like a good name for a rock band.

  4. If they ain't shut me down you have nothing to fear!


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