Friday, April 30, 2010

That'll certainly help

The ever vigilant and legalistic administration of The Won is sending their lawyers down to N'awlins to "help" with getting things together in the spill response.

I've never been involved in a major disaster, but my knowledge of utility...problems tell me that with things being bad enough, and just accomplishing anything positive just got ten times harder.
Now instead of just coming up with a plan and doing it, they'll have to run it past a bunch of eggheads who have no clue about what they're being asked, except what they know about suing people on one side or the other- and make their decision that way.


  1. They are headed down their to get started on law suits and to make sure any evidence that Obama's thug force blew it up so he wouldn't have to drill anywhere in our Country...

    I figure if GWB could pull of 9-11, to further his agenda, then Obama must have done the oil rig to further his...See I'm learning how to speak liberpuke.

  2. Disasters happen. Then there are man-made disasters like Eric Holder and his boss.