Sunday, April 25, 2010

This says it all

It explains why we have an entire government that feels free to do whatever they want to socialize America.

It's showing people old enough to join AARP talking about what they are going to do "when they grow up."
It's the whole "ME generation" personified. The same ones who probably elected what we have in DEE CEE now- the ones who operate on feelings rather than fact.
The ones who were telling each other at Berkley "Man, I have this Communist professor who really opened my eyes to the whole American Atrocity thing in Viet Nam,,,we need to do something to help those little brown people, man."

"Yeah man, we'll- like get some protests going, then we can walk away from S.E. Asia and let those little brown people get all copacetic with each other, man- them we'll spit on the returning service members and call them 'baby killers'."

"Cool man, them we can, like start questioning authority- man."

"Right man, and speaking "truth to power", man- it'll be groovy"

You know, in every other generation that actually contributed something positive to their country- they'd be acting their age...instead of their usual "ME" thing.

That's another reason I'll never send any of my money to AARP.

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