Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SIR, I respectfully disagree-Sir!

As far as I know, Sir- school lunches are about as healthy now as they were when I went to school. Actually, they're probably healthier.

Your report that school lunches are a threat to national security....Why all of a sudden is 'everything' a threat to national security? ...I think is a little off the mark, Sir.

If I remember my history correctly- Sir:

In the depression (the first one, not this one) students were lucky to be able to bring an onion and butter sandwich to school: and they were taught much harder subjects than today.

In the '80s- the cry was to 'buy them breakfast' because somehow being hungry made their grades worse.
We bought them breakfast and lunch- their parents got food stamps, WIK, AFDC and all tho other .gov goodies,,,and they STILL couldn't pass.

So instead of skinny educated kids of the Depression- we got fat stupid kids of the Clinton era.

NOW Sir- You are saying that the school lunches are the main problem in recruitment because your targets potential service members are too fat?

Don't you think that a lot of THAT problem is from them just sitting on their @ss all day long...Sir? Instead of actually getting up and 'doing something' physical?


  1. I was in elementary school during the Clinton administration (yeah I know, real young). I have no memory of how good the food was. I DO remember that recess was the best time of day, and I didn't ever sit down if I could help it.

    I guess I am probably not the norm though.

  2. As you stated, kids nolonger have PE, play time, or games. Whether it be for PC reasons, or just fear of lawyers it is the reason little Tommy and little Suzy is a fat tub of lard.

    It isn't the school lunches or anything else.

  3. I am showing my age, here, but when did recess get eliminated from the school day? And, why? Because it is in some teacher's union contract that they do not have to be outside or something?

    A little off topic, but somewhere I just read something about a certain school district wanting to provide school lunch ON THE WEEKEND!!

    When we were in Bali a couple of months ago, I found a blog about a teacher that is eating school lunch every day for this school year. This blog:

    She and I disagree. I do NOT believe for a skinny second that it is MY responsibility to feed school children lunch, or, for that matter, breakfast. When my son was in school I either packed his lunch for him, or I gave him money. Why the phuk to I have to PAY for a bunch of welfare children to eat? You didn't keep your legs crossed, you got pregnant, and it is MY responsibility? Oh, no. I don't think so.

    'K. Done ranting. Sorry.

  4. It all starts @ home! Make the kids up off the couch, turn off the t.v./computer and live in the outside world!