Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So tell me - Ed,,,

Where *did* that money you paid back your GM loan come from?

You've seen that commercial where Ed Witacker is bragging about GM paying back that loan?

What he's NOT saying is that it was profits that payed it off, but even MORE taxpayer money from his buddy Barry.

What? You though he got that cherry job because he supported McCain?

Dude, you're trying to get people to buy your stocks, too. Why should anyone think that the next time Obama wants to repay the UAW for voter fraud getting him elected- that he won't steel ANOTHER 70% of your property to give to them?

He did it once, why wouldn't he do it again?

OH....and when are we going to hear a widespread MSM outcry about the safety concerns of your steering just locking up? Much less a record fine from your owners at .gov?

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