Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good frigging Gawd...

Apparently, there's going to be a strike by -from what New Yawkahs say- the most important people in their lives. Aside, maybe, from their immediate family.

What exactly does a Doorman do, anyway? From what I can tell, they're a combination of maid, janitor and greeter. OH and security- because we're afraid of guns.

I guess us in this backwards flyover country just can't understand why someone without some kind of specific job skill can pull down $70K/year with bennies. I could live nicely on that- AND I'd be in the A/C in summer and the warm building in the dead of winter.

Dude! The management companies are handing out 45 page self help books on how to cope without your apartment nanny. BUT being the stalwart, self reliant people who reliably vote Democrat- they have volunteer sign up sheet to help their building and her residents cope.

Most are still empty of volunteers.

“The whole operation of the building would basically be shut down and we’d rely on residents to pitch in just to get by,” said Dan Wurtzel, president of Cooper Square Realty, one of the largest residential management companies in the New York. “There’s a tremendous amount of preparation we have to undertake. Then, if it doesn’t happen, we can breathe a sign of relief. If it does happen, then we’re prepared to deal with it.”

Many buildings have also posted sign-up sheets for residents to volunteer to watch the front doors, clean hallways and take out garbage, though the forms in the lobbies of a handful of Upper East Side buildings remained mostly blank on Sunday afternoon.

Because aren't we all believers in an entitlement mentality?

Harold Gerber, who runs a real estate business and has lived in his co-op on East 75th Street for more than two decades, said he was already worried about security, and grumbled at the prospect of hauling his own trash. “It will affect us tremendously,” he said.


  1. In TEXAS we don't need DOORMEN, we know how to hold the doors open for the ladies and we know how to use a gun for security.......

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a doorman.