Thursday, April 01, 2010

It was one of those moments

That I really wanted to say "now Obama's done something I can applaud".

But I wondered, *why*? Why is he doing this; because he's always wanted us to pay out the @ss for any kind of energy.

I wondered 'those drilling they even have any oil in them?'
-NO, they don't.

I asked myself 'He said *drill* not pump...does that mean just exploration?'
- IF the signs off on exploratory wells AND the greenies and other enviro-wackjobs ok it- then you can try drilling where we know there isn't any'

I wondered why he was being so magnanimous?
-It was one of those "I'll throw those peons a bone. It'll be a finger bone from a shrew, but hey-I won, they should feel honored (and hopefully) grateful that I bothered to wave my hand in their general direction on energy."

Thanks Great Leader, but no thanks.

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