Friday, April 23, 2010

Driving jobs availble

It looks like there may be some OTR driving jobs in Arizona soon.

Their Governor showed more balls than the entire U.S congress when she signed Arizona's new illegal immigrant reduction act today.

But, as usual, some aren't happy about it and in the usual liberal way- are going to throw a temper tantrum.
Yes, there will be a Mexican/Mexican-American truckers boycott.

I can see three things from this:
  1. Drivers will be able to listen to channel 40 and hear some English spoken.
  2. In this bad economy- there'll be O/O jobs available.
  3. People will notice this just like they noticed those 'we'll shut down America by not showing up for our under-the-table-jobs' protests.


  1. I'm sorry, but the article says he's a U.S. citizen, and then he says he's Mexican. Make up your flippin' mind. Eh, Screw 'em. No one is forcing them to drive in AZ--they can go elsewhere.

  2. He's from LA, so he probably thinks he's living in that mythical land of ancient Maztalaan (or whatever it's called) and A Mexican first- wherever he was born.