Thursday, January 03, 2008

We now have scientific EVIDENCE

We have to do *something* about it now!

Because we all know that science is right, especially when there's consensus.

They did an actual study and discovered that texting while driving *could* cause a wreck.

Of course the logical thing to do would be to form a group like MADD and go all stupid on over reacting to the fact that wireless devices DO cause wrecks.
But that's never going to happen because even the most fanaticle of those prohibitionists have gotten so used to having a cell phone jammed into their ear that it's almost second nature to be weaving all over the road and slowing for no apparent reason.

Which reminds me- TxDOT is going to be replacing those roadside (privately paid for) with official gov't (your tax dollars) markers designating that site as a result of drunk driving (exept for the drunk that caused it). The markers will have the name(s) of the victims with a message about drinking and driving.

I'm just wondering if we'll be paying for a seperate one for those deaths caused by cell phones and texting. I'd bet not= because even though scientific tests prove that driving while phoning is as bad as driving after three drinks- Liberals don't have a problem with it, because they do it.

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