Monday, January 07, 2008

I know the election is a long way off

A VERY long way away. And a lot can happen between now and the National nominations.

I'm already hearing the same old kan't about 'giving them' the election if I stay home- or vote for a third party.

Look guys, I don't know how long -except for Reagan, and Bush (the first time)- I've been pulling the lever for the lesser of the two evils. Look what we've got- on both sides of the ticket. Pandering empty suits who'll say anything to get the golden ring.

I don't owe the Republicans anything, and the Dems even less.
I stood my ground and watched both parties sidestep to the left. Then after the next election they went "Left Face" and marched to the left side of the grinder.

I'm already hearing the 'don't stay home' cry from the core. Sorry guys, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil- isn't it?

In this latest crop of wannabes I see two that I would vote for, as real Conservatives. One might actually have shot if he keeps showing America his conservative message. The fact that he shows that he almost holds the MSM in contempt really kicks it for FRED!. Duncan Hunter is someone else I'd feel good about voting for, but I doubt he'll be in the running for the Texas primaries.

On the Left Dem side you have an Empty suit who feels fine in launching a unilateral attack on the northern part of one of out (quasi) allies in the war on terror (without even UN approval); an ambulance chaser who still thinks America is living in the depression- working conditions and all; and lastly Hillary- need I say more? All would be quite comfy in Benito Mussolini's Italy.

On the Republican side you have Mitt- who changes position as much as I change my socks AND presided over a (state)government mandated health care bureaucracy that is billions in debt in it's second year. Huckabee is a tax and spend Governor who feels right at home telling us how we need to live our lives while being clueless about international matters. Maverick John McCain sided with the Dems as much (if not more) than he sided with the Republicans. Rudy has too much personal baggage- if the right was jumping on Clinton they shouldn't be giving Rudy a pass for the same infidelity thing. Rudy also wants to take my guns(not now because hes running for pres).

All of the above mentioned are for some type of reward for Illegals breaking our laws.

I on't know if I'll sit out this time, or actually get to vote FOR someone.
I do know that I won't be holding my nose and voting for evil this time!

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