Sunday, January 06, 2008

This sign reminds me of a joke

Go ahead and look at it.

I'll wait.


A guy and his hot blonde 26 year old wife go golfing and see a sign like that, except this one warned about houses along the fairway.

The wife takes her swing and slices right into a set of leaded glass French doors.
As they watch in horror, the ball goes right through the center of the glass with a resounding crash.

The guy said to his wife, we have to go and see about taking care of this.
"It might help if you showed some more cleavage, just in case."

They got to the door and saw a man lying on the floor next to a broken vase.
"OhhmyGod, I've killed him!" cried the wife with her hands at her mouth.

At this, the man began to move, and said "No, you didn't kill me- you freed me from my prison of all these years."
"You see I am a Genie and was imprisoned in that vase."

"You were? You are? How? why?...." said both of them.
"It's the old story you've heard before, the Far east, Magicians -the real ones, spells, the like" answered the Genie.
"And in reward for freeing me, i will now grant you your one wish."

"One wish? We always heard it was three wishes?"
"No, that rumor was brought back with the Crusaders who heard an interpreter wrong."

"Oh, in that case we'd want a three million dollar portfolio in our bank account."
"Very well, you should see it in your account Monday morning." replied the Jinn.

"Now, about that $1500 door you broke with the wicked slice- who was responsible?"
"I was" replied the wife, "he warned me about hitting straight."

"How are we going to settle this? I want satisfaction for the door now, so it can be replaced immediately"

"We could write a check and you could use it to pay for the door" said hubby.

"No, nothing can happen with that until Monday, I need compensation now. I took care of my obligation to you immediately."
"As is custom in my land- a husband may repay a debt with the use of his wife. I haven't had relations with a woman in 1200 years. Let me enjoy her for the afternoon and you are free of obligation. You may then go with my blessing."

"Ummmmmm...."said the husband looking questionably at his hot wife
"I'll give you 15 minutes to decide, then call the authorities for resolution".

Well the couple put their heads together and discussed the pros and cons of the offer, or threat as it was mentioned once or twice, and they reluctantly decided that discretion was the better part of honor and said yes.

After leading his soon to be conquest to the master bedroom and romancing in many exotic and orgasm encouraging positions, they were relaxing and gathering their reserves for one last marathon of love making when the Jinn asked "Tell me, just how old you are?"

"I'm 26 and Ron is 28. Why?"

"Aren't you two just a little old to believe in Genies?" he asked.

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