Monday, January 28, 2008


Does anyone know of a website that can tell me how to replace the back glass on a '04 Mitsu Montero Sport?

I know how, but being it's a Mitsubitchi, and all- Japenese, I figure it won't be as straightforward as an American vehicle.

I went to change the oil yesterday in the back yard- with LOTS of gnarly, twisted Mesquite trees, and a very dirty rear window. I was maneuvering to my *ramp* and before I could change from shifting out of reverse from the columb (my Chevy) to the floor shifter (the Mitsu) I rolled into a stub of an old branch about two inches in from the bottom right of the window. The only reason we have glass back there right now is because of the window tinting (and lots of clear packing tape).

I can get a used one installed for $150 at a body shop. I guess my mentioning the extra $200 not going to a pistol made him decide to give me a break.
Karens birthday is comming up and hopefully she gets a new bed, and I can talk her into letting me have this.

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