Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My obligatory list of New Years resolutions

Some blogs I've seen have long and complex goals.
Others are more on the exotic side.
Several more well meaning blogs are doing what they can for a better world.
Others still are more realistic, so in that vein:

I resolve this year to
  • Do my best to remain at least 20 degrees above room temp.
  • Not vote for anyone not like me (white, male, lazy and conservative-hey I'm in TEXAS alright?).
  • Buy as little foreign petroleum products as possible.
  • Buy American whenever possible (at least avoid the ChiCom things).
  • Stop teasing the dogs so much ( at least after I can get the newest one to Man Up)
  • Not to use firearms on the annoying, idiotic yapping Dachshund mix next door.
Well, I hope I didn't set my goals too high this year.

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