Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear F-150 drivers

Can I ask you a question?

Why in the F*CK do you all have to drive like speed-freaks on crank EVERY. F*CKING. TIME. the WEATHER. is BAD?
It was cold and windy as h3ll this morning, I was almost rearended but two F-150's because I was only doing 75 (at 6:15AM). Look @sshole, I can only go as fast as the other TWO HUNDRED cars in front of me. You saw the line of taillights when you tried pushing me out of the way.

Also, DICK!, I stop when the light is red, I'm *NOT* going to run a red light because you woke up late.

I bet that the majority of accidents involved an F-150 today.
I don't see (as many) Chevy drivers driving like d1ckheads, or Ram drivers that much. I guess it has something to do with driving something more expensive (with the increased maturity) than a Ford.

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