Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Texas Border coalition

It's a bunch of landowners and municipalities along the texas border- naturally.
These people don't want a fence (just like K.Bailey-Hutchinson) to interfere with their culture and trade.

They've gone to court to stop the gov't from finally trying to build the fence along the border.

All say they'll fight the fence, because it would interfere with their lives.

OK, the rest of America wants a fence to keep the trash out.

Y'all make your choice- we put up a fence in front of you, or behind you.
......And, no- there'll be no 'do overs' when you're over-run by the third world.

Gaaaahhhhhh.....who am I kidding?
We all know that as soon as some minority (finally) complains about illegals taking over, we'll be throwing half the treasury at the problem- trying to fix it retroactivly.

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