Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh, it's HER!

Guess who this is?

Some have seen their treatment — or rather lack of it — as nothing short of a national disgrace.

For it seems soldiers returning from frontline duty in Iraq and Afghanistan have at times been met not with praise, but indifference.

Yet in the midst of ingratitude, there has been one unexpected figure who has quietly done her bit to ensure that courage under fire does not go completely unsung.

she's a Brit BTW.

Ever since she became Royal Colonel of 4th Battalion, The Rifles, the Duchess of Cornwall has taken a close personal interest in the welfare of the 650 men who have just returned from a gruelling tour of Iraq.

She has, I can reveal, sent a handwritten letter to every wounded soldier — and there have been 62 of them — as well as a £50 bottle of whisky or a hamper of food. Camilla has also written to the families of the battalion's 11 dead soldiers — not just to the widows but the fiancees of unmarried riflemen.

Some relatives have even been invited to her home for tea. This remarkable insight into a very private side of the Duchess has been revealed by the servicemen themselves, who have spoken of her unstinting support.

Yes, if you caught it, you read right.
She's the usurper of Saint Diana's memory.

It's heartening to hear about what some people do in spite of their very vocal and very public detractors.

Thanks Miriam!

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