Friday, January 11, 2008

Let me try something here

Using Liberal ,,,ummmm...extrapolation techniques.

You know, we take a short specific time period and start making 'scientific' pronouncements about the future of all humanity- based on our pre-conceived ideas.

OR, maybe a little AND thrown in- we take our personal pet peeves and look for tenuous scientific links. Like the secondhand smoke boogieman.

So, instead of looking back through millions of years of geological evidence to see the heating and cooling cycles of the earth, and hyping a pet peeve---we can get gullible people to change the way they live.

OK- how does this sound?
The modern brasire is only about a century old.
We're talking the cups and clasps that lifts and seperates,,,,not the whatever they had before girdles and bodices.

I also notice that the incidence of breast cancer has increased these last decades also.
Soooooo, using the Libs theories- I'd have to assume that bras are in some way responsible for the rise in breast cancer.

I think that it's kind of like global warming [times two :-D] there is some type of man made covering that is producing the problem...right? CO2= global warming >carbon offsets.

Now, this man made interference with nature needs to be addressed in the global community- no matter what it takes- - to make Gaea happy.

Ok, in the same vein of the Liberal version of *helping* things- it's my considered opinion (with as much science as AlGore has) that the cause of Breast Cancer is Mammary glands being starved for natural air due to MAN MADE artificial coverings.
In order to help prevent this it should be required --for health reasons only--that women let their sweater puppies breath free air for at least 14 hours a day.

Seriously ladies, I'm only looking out for your health.

Think about the link- increased bra use= increased breast cancer----because of lack of natural ventilation. So, to help the Health Care Crisis, do your part to reduce breast cancer by letting them breath.

FYI- they get better air if they're in open air, but if you're on the psychotically shy side, you should be ok if you wear a tight Tee shirt (to increase the cross-ventilation issues) if you're name is Aunt Bee.

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